Glams q - A Global Artwork management system

Validated System, Quick Installation, No Hassle!

The labelling and artwork packaging process is very complex and if you don’t adhere to the strict regulations it could prove very costly! GLAMS Q takes care of the process for you:


Saves time and wasted efforts

Reduce time and wasted effort spent on tracking sign-off sheets, trawling through emails, searching for master files and interpreting clunky excel based trackers.

easy to use

Easy to use software

Easy to use proofing tool, best practice workflows and clear approval stages ensuring the best quality results for your artwork and labelling.


Proven cost-effective

This solution allows you to take control of your artwork and labelling process to reduce the possibility of costly errors, and allow your products to reach the market quicker.


Validated from Day 1

GLAMS Q is validated from Day 1, with best in class workflows, pharma proofed, fully compliant and has all the tools you need to ensure that you are adhering to all the regulations.

Fully Validated Solution

GLAMS Q is a fully validated system and is the only artwork management system developed specifically for Life Sciences. It has been fully validated and designed for a highly regulated environment by an industry expert team. GLAMS Q doesn’t compromise, and provides the best, and most secure platform for artwork management.

Full suite of proofing tools

No more human errors! No more limitations in managing the proofreading of packaging. Make rejections post-approval a thing of the past. Carry out all graphics and text comparisons in one place with GLAMS Q, with its intuitive and powerful comparison tools. Annotate directly onto your artworks and collaborate with others to identify and eliminate errors completely.

Rapid Deployment

GLAMS Q is ready when you are, with no lengthy install procedures or complex system requirements. Rapid deployment means that you can start improving your processes and KPIs immediately.

quicker approval processes

Save time through quick task assignment, easy to use proofing tools, best practice workflows and clear approval stages. Enhance your team’s ability to do even more with GLAMS Q, while benefiting from time and cost efficiencies.

Eliminate Stock Outs

With GLAMS Q, our end-to-end digital workflow allows you to intelligently search and quickly distribute your digital artwork assets. This will ensure that any stock outs due to artwork issues will be eliminated.

Pre-Configured System

GLAMS Q comes fully pre-configured with an industry best practice workflow. You are equipped from Day 1 with everything you need from an artwork management system. As with GLAMS Enterprise, you will be able to progress quickly to this package, when ready, at the click of a button.

Watch the video to gain a further insight into Glams q and how it can help you and your company!

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